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Last minute goal denies Schalke 04 win at Bremen

The big clash of the 15th round of the Second Bundesliga between Werder Bremen and Schalke 04 ended without a winner 1-1. Two of the most famous clubs in Germany made an interesting match in which both goals were scored in the last 10 minutes. Schalke took the lead in the 82nd minute after precise shot from Simon Terodde and Werder equalized deep in added time with a penalty kick by Niclas Fullkrug.

Schalke had better chnaces before the break, while Werder dominated in the second half. The Weserstadion crowd did not stop supporting the hosts, but they never found their way to the goal guarded by Martin Fraisl. In the 82nd minute, a strong shot by the reserve Rodrigo Salasar hindered Jiri Pavelka and the Czech goalkeeper just tipped the ball at the feet of Simon Terodde. Schalke striker did not make a mistake and opened the score with his historic 154th goal, which made him the sole leader among the top scorers in the Second Bundesliga of all time. Due to the many suspensions of the game, the referee gave 9 minutes of extra time and in the last of them Werder received a penalty, realized by Fullkrug. Thus, once again during the season, the team from Bremen scored a goal in the last minutes and added a valuable point to their active.

Werder is 8th in the standings and Schalke is 7th. Darmstadt and St. Pauli are in the lead, who played each other yesterday and Darmstadt won 4-0.

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